“Stop If You Love Me” traffic safety campaign

Last month, the state Department of Education held its annual “Stop If You Love Me” traffic safety campaign, co-sponsored by DTRIC Insurance and Par Hawaii. Over 7,000 elementary, middle and high school students from over 60 schools statewide participated in various activities this month to encourage drivers to eliminate dangerous behaviors while behind the wheel.

Our DTRIC staff teamed up with Farrington High School students and faculty on February 19 for a sign-waving event fronting the school campus. Mahalo to the Farrington Governors for helping spread the Drive Aloha message!

Advocate for Change

When you pledge to practice responsible, courteous, and safe habits on the road, you become a Drive Aloha Ambassador. We’ll send you a Drive Aloha window decal to proudly display your commitment to promote traffic safety!

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