6 Safe Driving Tips to Deal with Headlight Glare

6 Safe Driving Tips to Deal with Headlight Glare

6 Safe Driving Tips to Deal with Headlight Glare

Did you know that headlight glare can pose dangers when driving at night? Be sure to follow these tips to keep you, your loved ones, and others on the road safe.

Clean your headlights

According to AAA, a thin layer of grime on your headlights can block 90% of the light.  Just by making sure that your headlights are clean, you can significantly improve your visibility at night.

Wash your windows and wiper blades

Sport and dirt on your windshield and windows can hamper your ability to see, especially when dealing with headlight glare. Wash them regularly and be sure your wiper blades are in proper working order.

Adjust your mirrors

Sometimes headlight glare can come from behind your car. Be prepared to adjust your left and rear side mirrors to reduce or eliminate the glare from behind you. Using the rear-view mirror’s night setting can make a big difference. Some upscale cars now offer self-dimming mirrors.

Get anti-reflective (AR) eyeglass coating

If you wear glasses, headlight glare can be magnified. An AR coating can improve vision.


Despite the Corey Hart song, wearing sunglasses at night can make driving even more dangerous than temporary headlight glare.

Flash your high beams

If you suspect the driver in another car has their high beams activated, flick your high beams on and then off a few times. This is typically recognized as a request to the other driver to lower his high beams. However, many headlight are just extremely bright and can appear to be on a high setting when they’re not.

Advocate for Change

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