BBQ Safety Tips

BBQ Safety Tips
July 6, 2018 dtric2

Summertime is also an opportune time for outdoor cookouts in the backyard.

Before you throw that first steak or burger on the hibachi, here are some safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association on how to grill with caution.

  • Never, ever leave the gas or charcoal grill unattended. Keep curious children and pets away from the cooking area to prevent serious burns.
  • Check your gas grill for hose leaks, blockages and holes.
  • If using a charcoal grill, wait for the coals to cool completely before disposing.
  • Deep fryers are also popular during summer cookouts. These devices heat oil at a very high temperature. Never operate a deep fryer in a garage, or on a covered patio. Always supervise a fryer with hot oil since it can easily tip over.
  • And always keep a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies!