October is Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a household fire occurred every 89 seconds last year. Don’t let an accidental fire destroy what you’ve worked hard to build.

With Fire Prevention Month happening in October, be mindful of the hazards and behaviors that increase your risk of a household disaster. Here are some tried and true safety tips to keep you and your family safe.

Create a family evacuation plan

Create a family fire escape plan that gets you out of your home in less than two minutes and practice it annually with your loved ones. If a house fire becomes large and out of control, DO NOT attempt to put out the fire! Get yourself and your family out of the house to safety and let the firefighters manage the situation.


Never leave pots or pans unattended on the stove

Cooking is the leading cause of house fires. Many of us attempt to multitask while cooking. However, this can lead to a fire. If you’re frying, grilling, or broiling food, never leave it unsupervised – always stay in the kitchen. Turn off the stove, even if leaving the kitchen for only a short period.


Make sure smoke detectors are properly working

Install and maintain smoke alarms on every floor of your home and within every bedroom to make sure you are alerted of a fire. Regularly test your smoke alarm to maintain good working order.


Invest in a fire extinguisher

Have the right tools to put out a small fire before it gets out of hand. Extinguishers should be checked regularly and tested by a professional every few years to ensure they operate correctly.

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