Popular Car Insurance Discounts

Popular Car Insurance Discounts

Popular Car Insurance Discounts

Believe it or not, the type of vehicle you own, your driving history, and even the distance you drive, are all factors that may affect your car insurance rate. However, there are also a number of auto insurance discounts out there to help lower your car insurance rates.

It can be a little overwhelming with all the varying types of discounts that are available but choosing the right type of coverage will ultimately save you more money and help better protect you and your loved ones.

To assist you in this process we have listed below the different types of insurance discounts DTRIC has to offer as well as the three (3) main categories of insurance discounts that are typically offered:

DTRIC Discounts

At DTRIC Insurance, we offer a number of money-saving discounts, including safe driving, low mileage, safety restraint credits and discounts for insuring multiple cars and carrying continuous coverage.

  • Loss-Free Discount – Save up to 25% if you’ve had no accidents or traffic violations in the past three years.
  • Multiple Car Discount – Save up to 25% if you insure more than one vehicle on the same policy.
  • Continuous Coverage Discount – Save up to 28% if you have maintained continuous auto coverage with a valid carrier.
  • Multiple Car Discount – Save between 5 and 30 percent if your vehicle is equipped with qualifying safety features, including anti-lock brakes, passive restraint devices and/or anti-theft systems.

DTRIC Deductible WipeOut

In the spirit of DTRIC’s fair, respectful and easygoing approach to insurance, we’re proud to share with you this great benefit. Deductible Wipe-Out brings a new level of fairness and savings to our collision coverage by reducing your deductible when you stay claim-free. It’s DTRIC’s way of rewarding our customers for driving safely and with aloha!

If you would like more information about DTRIC Deductible Wipe-Out, please call 808-923-8742 (toll free at 1-877-923-8742) or visit www.dtric.com/deductible-wipeout.

Driver Discounts

Most auto insurance companies offer several types of discounts to drivers based on driving history, student status, professional organizations, age, and how and when they use their cars.

Some common driver discounts include the following:

  • Good driver/claim-free – Drivers with a safe driving history free of accident claims will have a great chance of obtaining discounted rates (3 consecutive years).
  • Auto club – Some car insurance providers give reduced rates to drivers who get roadside assistance from an auto club like AAA.
  • Professional organization – Being a member of certain professional groups may save you money on car insurance.
  • Low-risk occupation – Many car insurance companies offer savings for certain professions that have lower rates of accidents and claims by drivers in those jobs.
  • Low-mileage – Many companies will offer a significant discount for drivers whose mileage falls under a certain cap.

Vehicle Discounts

Your vehicle can have a big impact on the cost of your car insurance. Auto insurance companies may reward you for having features that reduce their risk by offering you a break in your premium.

Vehicle features that reduce risk include:

  • Safety equipment – Having certain devices installed in your vehicle can earn you savings
  • Passive restraint – This refers to automatic seatbelts that fasten without you having to do anything
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Airbags
  • Anti-theft protection device
  • Alternative fuel – Having a car that takes alternative fuel may get you some savings, based on your insurance company.
  • Hybrid vehicle
  • New car

Policy Discounts

Other policy discounts that may apply typically make writing a policy easier and can give car insurance companies an incentive to offer you discounts.

Policy discounts include:

  • Multi-vehicle – You can save money by insuring multiple vehicles on one policy
  • Full payment – If you pay your entire premium up front, you may get a discount for doing so
  • Renewal/customer loyalty – Insurance companies like loyalty. Continuing to renew year after year can save your money
  • Bundling – You can often get a reduced car insurance premium by combining multiple policies, like homeowner’s and car insurance
  • Homeowner’s – You can often get a discount for owning a qualified home

Get an Auto FastQuote

Want to see how much you can save? Get a free, no-obligation DTRIC Auto FastQuote online right now!

Our knowledgeable DTRIC representatives can assist you with a free, no-obligation auto insurance quote – just call 808-923-8742 or 1-877-923-8742 (neighbor islands toll-free) to get started.

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