Rain or Shine, You May Need An Umbrella Insurance Policy

Rain or Shine, You May Need An Umbrella Insurance Policy
April 24, 2017 dtric2

What is umbrella insurance and do you need it? Umbrella policy coverage is extra liability insurance designed to help cover you from substantial and what could be overwhelming claims or lawsuit judgments. It protects your assets and personal financial future.

Umbrella coverage provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your homeowners and auto insurance. Although your homeowners or auto insurance may provide liability coverage, they might not be enough.

Umbrella Insurance policy is to protect against an unforeseen event such as a tragic accident for which you are held liable for damages or bodily injury well beyond what is provided by your homeowner or auto insurance.

How do you determine whether to get umbrella insurance and how much coverage? Start by considering coverage equal to your assets that would be at-risk, including your home and financial savings. Ask yourself what coverage amount would give you peace of mind. Coverage limits start at $1 million costing you as little as $135 annually ($11.25 per month.)

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