The Mission

Drive Aloha is DTRIC Insurance’s community initiative to promote traffic safety in Hawaii by encouraging the public to be courteous while on the road, embrace positive behaviors, and practice the “Aloha Spirit” to make our roads safer and friendlier. Through events, partnerships, and promotions, the campaign discourages poor and dangerous behaviors, such as use of cell phones, drunk driving, speeding, jaywalking, and other actions that can lead to accidents and could be avoided through safer behavior.

Safety Tips for Everyone


Safe driving saves lives. Folow the rules of the road.


Keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone.


We all share the same roads. Let’s follow the same rules.

Other Road Users

Be friendly and courteous – throw a shaka to your fellow drivers!

Become a Drive Aloha Ambassador

Advocate for Change

Join the movement to create safer and friendlier roadways by becoming a Drive Aloha Ambassador. When you take the pledge, we’ll send you a Drive Aloha window decal for you to proudly display.

Latest News

An Important Message about Drive Aloha

An Important Message about Drive Aloha

An Important Message About Drive Aloha from our President and CEO DTRIC's President and CEO, Michele Saito urges everyone to be responsible not only on the road but within the community to keep everyone safe. Let's work together and make…
August is Drive Aloha Month

August is Drive Aloha Month

August is Drive Aloha Month! August is designated as Drive Aloha Month with public/private school and university students returning to class mid-August. Approximately 175,000 public school students are scheduled to begin instruction in mid-August, with an additional 52,000 university, college,…
Showing Aloha during These Difficult Times

Showing Aloha during These Difficult Times

With the ongoing and evolving COVID-19 situation, we hope that everyone remains safe during these unprecedented times and circumstances. For the safety of yourself and others around you, please follow guidelines as directed by health officials to best prevent the…
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