Deductible Wipeout FAQ

Deductible WipeOut FAQs

Deductible Wipeout

  • What is Deductible WipeOut?

    Deductible WipeOut is DTRIC’s way of rewarding our auto customers for driving aloha and remaining clam-free. It is a feature of your auto policy that applies to your collision deductible. You earn credits toward reducing the amount of your collision deductible — up to a maximum amount — for every year your policy is claim-free. You could wipe out your deductible to $0!

  • How much does the Deductible WipeOut feature cost to add to my auto policy?

    There is no added cost or fee to take advantage of Deductible WipeOut.

  • By how much can I lower my collision deductible with Deductible WipeOut?

    Your collision amount will be reduced by up to $200 for the first year you are claim-free. For every claim-free year that follows, your deductible will be lowered by up to an additional $100 until you reach your maximum allowable deduction.

  • What is the maximum amount that Deductible WipeOut can lower my collision deductible?

    The amount depends on the collision deductible you have selected. To see a chart of qualifying deductibles and the maximum deductible amount, click here.

  • What happens if I change my collision deductible?

    To see if your new deductible qualifies for Deductible WipeOut — and to see the maximum amount you can wipe out if it does, click here.

  • Who qualifies for Deductible WipeOut?

    All DTRIC auto policyholders with collision coverage and at least a $250 collision deductible qualify for Deductible WipeOut.

  • Once Deductible WipeOut is in effect for my policy, how soon will I be able to lower my deductible?

    Your deductible will be lowered after you are claim-free for one year from your policy effective date.

  • How will I know if the Deductible WipeOut has been applied to my collision deductible?

    Your policy will show your original collision deductible, the Deductible WipeOut amount, and your new, lower collision deductible.

  • What happens to my Deductible WipeOut if I have a claim paid by DTRIC?

    After DTRIC pays a claim for which you are liable, your deductible is reset to the original amount. However, you will still be enrolled in the program and can start building claim-free years with your next renewal.

  • What happens to my Deductible WipeOut if I make changes to my auto policy?

    As long as there is no break in coverage longer than 30 days, your WipeOut amount will remain the same. If there is a break in coverage longer than 30 days, your WipeOut amount will be reset to zero.

  • What happens to my Deductible WipeOut upon cancellation of my policy?

    Because you will have no coverage, Deductible WipeOut will not apply.

  • If my coverage is reinstated, will my Deductible WipeOut be reinstated too?

    The Deductible WipeOut reduction will be reinstated as long as your coverage is reinstated within 30 days.

  • What happens to my Deductible WipeOut if I replace my vehicle or add another vehicle to my coverage?

    Your Deductible WipeOut will apply to the replaced or added vehicle, provided that vehicle has a qualifying collision deductible.

  • What happens to my Deductible WipeOut when I add collision coverage?

    Your Deductible WipeOut will apply, as long as the coverage has a qualifying deductible. Click here to see the chart for qualifying collision deductibles.

  • Will my Deductible WipeOut decrease because of a towing and/or rental reimbursement claim?


  • Will previous claims with another insurance carrier be taken into account if I become a DTRIC auto policyholder?

    No. Deductible WipeOut will not take into account any losses that were incurred with another carrier.

  • If I submit a collision claim for which I am not at fault and decide to handle the claim through DTRIC, how will my Deductible WipeOut be affected if DTRIC is able to collect from the insurer of the person who is at fault?

    Whenever you submit a collision claim, your deductible is reset to the original amount. You start building claim-free credits with your next renewal.

* Deductible WipeOut program is only available on policies with $250 collision deductible or higher. Earn up to a maximum of $250 Deductible WipeOut with $250 collision deductible, up to $500 with $500 collision deductible, and up to $1,000 with higher collision deductibles. Some restrictions apply. Deductible WipeOut is a trademark of DTRIC Insurance.