The Risk Consulting Services team at DTRIC Insurance helps businesses reduce the risk of injuries and accidents in the workplace with a system or process that’s easy to understand and simple to implement.

Meet the Team

Our seasoned staff have decades of experience and expertise in working with a multitude of industries including retail, hospitality, restaurants, and others, to help protect your business and employees from the downside of risks.

Chad Lindsey
Risk Consulting Services

Jason Popejoy
Risk Consulting Services

Risk Management
Needs Assessment

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In providing these fact sheets, DTRIC Insurance Co. does not represent, warrant, guarantee, or otherwise certify that use of this fact sheet will prevent losses or assure compliance with the laws, regulations, requirements or guidelines of any local, state or federal, legislative or regulatory Agency. Safety and loss prevention is soley the responsibility of a company or organization. These fact sheets are to be used for reference only.

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