Avoid Fraud After Natural Disasters

Avoid Fraud After Natural Disasters

In the aftermath of natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes, and floods, it’s important to be cautious of dishonest contractors who may take advantage of home and business owners as they deal with repairs. Here are a few tips to avoid falling victim to such scams:

1. Review your insurance policy.

Contact your insurance company to understand your coverage. Knowing your policy details can help you make informed decisions about repairs and replacements.

2. Understand insurance documents.

Clear communication with your insurance carrier can help expedite your claim process and prevent misunderstandings.

3. Seek multiple estimates.

Get quotes from reputable contractors to make cost-effective choices. Ask for references and research the credibility of the companies you’re considering.

4. Review your contract carefully.

Never sign a contract with unclear terms or blank spaces. Seek clarification, and make adjustments to protect your interests.

5. Avoid making a quick decision.

Don’t let contractors pressure you into quick decisions. Take the time to evaluate options and choose a contractor you feel comfortable and confident working with.

6. Never fully pay a contractor or sign a completion certificate until the work is done to your satisfaction.

Before starting any project, licensed contractors will provide payment schedules, timelines, guarantees, and other essential details. Don’t feel pressured to pay the total amount until you’re happy with the finished work.

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