Four Benefits of Expediting Workers’ Comp Claims

Four Benefits of Expediting Workers’ Comp Claims

Workplace injuries are a reality that many small businesses face – regardless of the industry. The amount of time it takes to report claims can heavily impact small businesses therefore it’s important to understand the benefits of quickly reporting workers’ comp claims. Claudia Granata, DTRIC’s Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager, shares four advantages of having a timely injury-reporting process.

1. Maintain employee trust.

Not taking workers’ comp claims seriously can result in low employee morale throughout the company. Prioritizing employee health and safety creates an environment where workers feel cared for and protected.

2. Allow for in-depth investigations.

To avoid fraud, accidents need to be thoroughly investigated as soon as workplace accident occurs. It can also ensure that employees who truly need workers’ compensation benefits will receive them.

3. Reduce workers’ comp costs.

Employers can reduce their workers’ compensation claim costs by encouraging injured employees to report workplace accidents in a timely manner.

4. Avoid penalties and fees for late filing.

Every small business is required to report workplace injuries and fatalities to the Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Division (HIOSH). Failure to do so can result in significant fees. By having an injury-report process in place prior to a workplace accident, you can avoid fines and reduce the under-reporting gap.

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