How to Plan For Your Financial Future After Marriage

How to Plan For Your Financial Future After Marriage

Financial future after marriage

Getting married?

Tying the knot soon? Along with working on your wedding plans, you should sit down with your future spouse to discuss finances. This includes savings/checking accounts, family medical plan AND joint policies for home and car insurance.

Home Insurance

Once you’re married and both are living under the same roof, insure your combined personal home belongings on a single renters or homeowners insurance policy.

If you already own a home and your spouse moves in, your spouse is also automatically covered on your homeowners policy. Depending on what you own, you may want to increase your personal property coverage to help make sure your combined personal belongings are covered.

Auto Insurance

To save money, you could benefit by shifting from individual car insurance policies once you are married to a joint policy.

So how much auto insurance should you carry? You should have enough liability insurance to protect your assets — meaning property and savings — in case you’re sued after an accident. A homeowner, for instance, should have car insurance liability limits at least as high as the home’s value, plus the value of any savings and other property.

Have your agent review your individual insurance policies with you and your loved one to help decide which policies should be combined. Remember, a sense of financial security between a married couple is also key to marital bliss.

Bundle Your Auto, Homeowners, or Renters Insurance and Save!

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