Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer Maintenance Tips
June 29, 2017 dtric2

With the summer season here, now is an opportune time to do those house maintenance and repairs you may have been putting off for a while.

Doing the following not only maintains the physical appearance of your home. Routine property maintenance also prevents the possibility for more expensive, long-term repairs down the road. It also helps in maintaining your property value in the event you want to sell your house:

Air conditioning

The number one priority for summer home maintenance is to have your air conditioning (AC) unit maintained.

Since you will most likely be using your AC unit more often, it is best to change or clean your AC filters to make sure it is running smoothly and efficiently. This is so your unit isn’t overworked and using more electricity than necessary.

You can have your AC unit inspected by the installer to check the unit’s refrigerant levels, which is important in providing cool air. An inspection will also see whether your fan is functioning well, your coils are cleaned and there is no faulty electrical wiring.

Roof check

You should annually inspect your roof, ideally during the summertime following the rainy season. Checking your roof regularly will help in locating a small leak problem before it transforms into one that involves major repairs.

Windows sealed

For Hawaii homes during the summer, properly sealed windows means keeping the heat out and cool AC air from escaping. Doing this can help keep your electricity bills manageable. One of the key items in window maintenance is routinely checking the sealants. Ensure that both inside and out are secured, and caulk any open areas in-between.

Pool maintenance

If you have a personal swimming pool, make sure the pool water is leveled, that your water pumps are working and pool chemicals such as chlorine are pH balanced. Look into an energy-efficient pool pump to help keep your electric bill down during the summer months.