What do I do after an accident?

What do I do after an accident?

What do I do after an accident

What should your drivers do when they get into an accident? The following steps will assist your drivers in getting through the immediate aftermath of an accident.


As soon as possible, stop your vehicle and pull off the road to a safe place away from traffic. Turn the vehicle ignition off, put the parking brake on, and turn on the hazard lights on. Do not leave the scene until you have spoken to the other driver, the police, or both. If a vehicle cannot be moved; (yours or the other parties,) then leave it in place until assistance arrives. Remain in the vehicle secured with seat belts and hazard lights on until help has arrived. If it’s safe to do so, place flares, traffic triangles or cones to alert other drivers on the road of the accident present.

Do not admit fault

Remain as calm as possible, especially when the other party reacts angrily or irrationally toward you. Be polite and under no circumstances admit or take responsibility for what just occurred. There may be other factors or circumstances involved and any statements you make may be held against you later.

Assess the situation at hand

Call for emergency assistance if it’s needed. When things have settled down and conditions permit, begin the information gathering process.

Exchange information

Driver’s name, driver’s license info, address, 2 contact numbers, vehicle description, VIN number, license plate of vehicle involved, and insurance carrier information should be exchanged between you and the parties involved. If there are any witnesses obtain their names and contact information for follow up.

Description of accident

Briefly describe the scene, conditions (road and weather,) any relevant factors, time and location, and recollection of the accident. A simple sketch of the accident scene and pictures of the scene should also be taken.

Inform your supervisor

Contact your supervisor or the designated point of authority at your workplace and inform them before the other party leaves, vehicles are removed, or witnesses leave.

Wrap it up

Before you leave the scene confer with the other parties involved that the information provided to you is accurate. Review your notes to ensure no details were missed. Lastly, obtain the Police Report number so it can be referenced at a later time. Your Supervisor/Manager should be following this up with an in-house investigation once you get back to work.

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